About Groover Septic Design

Groover Septic Design is a small independent design firm located in Barrington, New Hampshire. We specialize in the design and approval of all types of residential and small commercial septic systems.

Although a healthy percentage of our designs are for new construction, we are seeing a growing number of out of date systems being replaced with modern and more efficient systems with a higher capacity.

The president, Michael A. Groover, has an engineering degree and has worked for various engineering and surveying companies in the seacoast area for 30 years. Part of his responsibilities with these firms was subsurface design and this skill has materialized with his firm of 5 years as Groover Septic Design.

We deal with all the standard disposal types such as the traditional stone and pipe systems, chamber types such as concrete and plastic, and fabric based systems such as Enviro-Septic, Geoflow, and Eljen In-Drain. Any of these system types can be designed to receive effluent with a pump-up condition. We also will design systems using ATU's or "Aerobic Treatment Units" such as 'The Clean Solution' or SeptiTech.

We also perform waterfront property site assessment studies. This on-site assessment is necessary prior to the execution of a purchase and sale agreement for any developed waterfront property and needs to be completed by a permitted designer.

We have just been certified to perform Septic System Evaluations by obtaining License #48. This new license program has been developed by the Granite State Designers and Installers (GSDI) in consultation with NHDES, Subsurface Systems Bureau to ensure the goal of consistent, objective inspection procedures of existing septic systems in New Hampshire.

President: Michael Groover

President Michael Groover